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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sosyo sa Negosyo

the transformation of Puerto Princesa into a world-class, park-like city and the eco-tourism capital of Asia, full employment can be assured for those who are not engaged in businesses of their own.

Kaunlaran or economic development is the last of the three K’s (the first two being Kalinisan or cleanliness and Kapayapaan or peace and rrder) that Mayor Hagedorn has promised the people of Puerto Princesa. This is the most difficult and challenging task that the mayor has put before himself.

To achieve this objective, he adopted a three-pronged approach: Enhanced agricultural productivity, aggressive tourism development with the end in view of making Puerto Princesa the eco-tourism capital of Asia, and promotion of livelihood activities that are not necessarily reliant on natural resources.

Initially, the City Agriculture Department and the City Social Welfare Department undertook the organizing, training, screening, evaluation and final determination of possible beneficiaries of the City’s Government various livelihood assistance schemes such as agro-forestry; rice, corn, vegetable, and cut-flower production; furniture making, goat, poultry and piggery raising; cattle breeding and fattening; sari-sari stores; buying and selling; and similar such projects that promote self-employment.

All in all, a total of P27,626,960.00 have been released by the City Government to 1,187 family beneficiaries.

Due to poor repayment record, however, seen in retrospect as having been caused largely by some of the people’s dole-out mentality, Mayor Hagedorn shifted tactic and involved the San Teodoro Rural Bank in a project called Sosyo sa Negosyo.

Under the new scheme, the rural bank puts up 150% of whatever amount that the City Government appropriates for livelihood assistance. Since its implementation, P2,664,300.00 have already been loaned out to 142 family beneficiaries for such livelihood activities as shell craft and native products manufacturing, mushroom culture, fruits vending, art and beauty shops, and many others. Since then, repayment record has gone up to a healthy 80%.

Friday, August 18, 2006

An Invitation to Adventure

Ecotourism has now become the buzzword among the worlds travelers, and rightly so. With the massive ecological ruin that many parts of the world have been subjected to in the name of development, very few are the places left where the integrity of the oceans and the forests has remained intact.

In our little world that is Puerto Princesa City, we delight in many things, foremost of which are the richness and the relative purity of our terrestrial na marine resources, and the peoples success i n conserving them. That we have also made it the cleanest, greenest and most peaceful city in the Philippines are other humble accomplishments that have become our collective source of pride.

To our fellow travelers, we offer you a journey abounding with breathtaking sceneries, distinct sights, a rich cultural heritage, and the warmth of our people. We share them with you, lovers of nature. They are yours to enjoy.

So, come now. The pristine while beaches, exotic islands, lush virgin forests, and a bundle of many more natural excitements await!

Together with the rest of the noble Puerto Princesans, I will be

Your companion,



City Mayor

Catalyzing Development

August 18th, 2006

Catalyzing Development

A MANGROVE SEEDLING farm in Puerto Princesa

The P1.6 billion Palawan North Road is a 134-kilometer (km) road stretching from the city to Roxas, cutting travel time from 4–5 hours to just 1.5 hours. The concrete road was made with a special concrete paver, making it much smoother than normal concrete roads. Engineers boast that it is a world-class road. The road, completed in 2004, is part of ADB’s Sixth Road project that aims to improve infrastructure in the countryside to boost economic development. The project, located along the northeast coast of Palawan, consists of the 80.34- km Puerto Princesa–Langogan road and the 54.14-km Langogan–Roxas road.

“These nice roads are a catalyst for development. Normally, investors, when they come, first look at the road network for the delivery of goods and products. Roads are a major aspect of development,” says Mayor Hagedorn. “We would like to thank ADB for making us a part of their major programs, particularly in infrastructure.”

The Palawan North Road boosts the tourism economy of the province, which is one of only two industries after agriculture. It leads to major tourism spots, including Honda Bay, Underground River, and its famed world-class resorts.

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. T he jewel of Puerto Princesa is
now included in the Unesco (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural
Organization) World Heritage List. The inclusion of the Puerto Princesa
HondaBay-Islands -

A master plan for Eco-tourism

Honda Bay. 12 kms. north of the city proper, consists of several island. Dive sites
abound here, as the entire area is studded with patches of corals and sand.
Take your pick from dozens of white san beaches.
HondaBay-Islands -


Profile:. PUERTO PRINCESA sprawls across 253982 hectares of land making it
the country’s largest city. Located 306 nautical miles Southwest of Manila.
It stretches 106 kilometers long with its narrowest breadth in Bahile where only 8.5

Leader in local Governtment Programs

1996 Outstanding Environmental Protection and Management. Oplan Linis : Puerto
Princesa City. Puerto Princesa was like many other cities in the country before
Oplan Linis. Its streets and public markets were dirty; its port was in no …
Leadership in local government -

DENR :launches Green Philippine Highway

Green Philippine Highway. by Edgar B. dela Cruz. Koronadal City (17 August) –
The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) 12 will spearhead the
implementation of Green Philippine Highway. At the Kapihan sa SOCCSKSARGEN,
Hagedorn-Net-News -

Noise Reduction:

Hall of Fame Award: Cleanest and Greenest City. Outstanding Environmental Protection
and Management Oplan Linis : Puerto Princesa City Puerto Princesa was like many
other. Related topics: Tourism Program: Not so long ago,
PuertoPrncesa-fast-facts -

Hagedorn: The Movies
FPJ : Hagedorn. Hagedorn / Philippine Movie VCD. Art-Nr.: FIVCD-H-01. Fernando
Poe, Jr. - Sharmaine Arnaiz -Jun Aristorenas - Bob Soler - Dante Rivero - Paquito
Diaz - Jorge Estregan - Dick Israel. His devotion to his duty is nonpareil.
ThePalawanEagle -

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

DENR :launches Green Philippine Highway

Green Philippine Highway

by Edgar B. dela Cruz

Koronadal City (17 August) -- The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) 12 will spearhead the implementation of Green Philippine Highway.

At the Kapihan sa SOCCSKSARGEN, DENR 12 Regional Director Jim O. Sampulna said simultaneous planting of tress and launching of Green Philippine Highway along the highways and main thoroughfare in Region XII will be done on August 25, 2006 at 10:00 o'clock in the morning. This will also be done all throughout the nation's national highways.

Aims of this undertaking is to lessen air pollution mostly emitted by motor vehicles and big industries in consonance with the environmental protection and the Cleaner Air Act of the government.

According to health surveys most of today's common diseases are caused smokes emitted by motor vehicles and big industries.

Region XII will launch Green Philippine Highway in the following sites, from Esperanza and Tacurong City in Sultan Kudarat, Tacurong City to General Santos, General Santos City to Malungon, Sarangani and Pigkawayan to Makilala in Cotabato Province. This will also be a part of the yearly activities of the region until entire stretch of identified thoroughfares will be fully planted, RED Sampulna said.

Different non-government organizations, civic and youth organizations, government agencies and Local Government unitsare expected to participate in this undertakings.

The Department of Education (DepEd) will also be tapped for the tree planting activities involving mostly students and pupils for planting.

Sampulna also urge all members of the Regional Development Council and government employees to participate not only in the launching activities but all throughout the completion of the greening and planting intervention activities. (PIA-XII)

Noise Reduction:

Reducing Tricycle Noise in the Philippines’… Reducing Tricycle Noise in the Philippines’ Puerto Princesa City … Reducing Tricycle Noise in … more »

UNEP: Global 500 awards

Bantay Puerto: Protect. Rehabilitate. Plan. These are the program’s key management thrusts. Protect what is there, rehabilitate what has … more »

Hall of Fame Award: Cleanest and Greenest City

Outstanding Environmental Protection and Management Oplan Linis : Puerto Princesa City Puerto Princesa was like many other

Related topics:
Tourism Program: Not so long ago, Puerto Princesa City was a place no one really bothered to know, except of … more »

Environmental Protection and Management Oplan … 1996 Outstanding Environmental Protection and Management. Oplan Linis : … more »

11 - 204 exotic birds in Palawan rescued, Philippines - Aug 11, 2006
... possession of four suspects in sitio Parangue, barangay Bunog, Palawan early this ... led SPO1 Rolando Ytac and some personnel of municipal environment and natural ... : Mitra - Declare Palawan a ‘biodiversity hot spot’Mitra issued the call in last Thursday’s opening of the first Palawan Environmental and Economic Summit here, which aims to come up with a long-term plan to ... - 7k

Ramsar Wetland:
World Heritage Site:
World Heritage Site:

Tubbataha Reefs National Marine Park
Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River National Park
Tubbataha Reef Marine Park

FPJ : Hagedorn

Hagedorn / Philippine Movie VCD

Hagedorn / Philippine Movie VCD

Art-Nr.: FIVCD-H-01

Fernando Poe, Jr. - Sharmaine Arnaiz -Jun Aristorenas - Bob Soler - Dante Rivero - Paquito Diaz - Jorge Estregan - Dick Israel

His devotion to his duty is nonpareil. His heart listens to the murmurs of his subordinates. He loves people. He loves his service. But he is a ruthless advocate of peace and justice. When he was wronged for downing a high-ranking police officer, he was easily locked in jail by his archrivals. The antemortem statement that should have cleared his name falls into unsrupulous hands only dimming his chance of clearing his name. One good cop against a whole block of bad cops. A story of dignity of labor. Of honor and humility. Edward Hagedorn is a true-to-life depiction of a simple man whose commitment to duty and service to his fellowen still serve to this day a paragon. Genre : Drama Copyright 2002 Viva Video Inc.

hagedorn.jpg Hagedorn - VIVA VIDEO

His dedication to his duty is unrivaled. His heart listens to the clamor of his people. He, too, is a steadfast defender of justice and peace. His uncompromising stand winds him admirers, but it also earns him enemies who will stop at nothing just to see him fall. He is Edward Hagedorn, public servant, social and environmental activist, mayor of Puerto Princesa City. And this is his story.

Click to enlargepadA City Mayor…His people…
in the power game of politics.

Cast (in credits order)
Directed by
Gil Portes
Writing credits (in alphabetical order)
Clodualdo Del Mundo Jr.

Production Companies

Monday, August 14, 2006

A plan

People started to notice and become curious about Puerto Princesa. They started talking about Puerto Princesa being the cleanest city in the Philippines. National government leaders from both the executive and legislative, media men, national and international sports celebrities, members of the academe and the studentry, and leaders from other local government units who came to our city had invariably the same thing to say. It’s clean and green.

To protect and preserve the city’s environment – marine and terrestrial – the city instituted environmental protection measures. It waged war against the spoilers of nature. It was then that people took a really long and hard look at Puerto Princesa and they seem to have liked what they saw. They showered Puerto Princesa with numerous awards and accolades. Earth Day Award, Macli-ing Dulag Environmental Achievement Award, Best Governed Local Government Unit Awards and Peace Award; these are just among the many that people from everywhere bestowed on the city.

As the city now ride high in the blaze of glory on the basis of what it have successfully begun, it has to confront the ultimate challenge – that is developing the economy of the people in a sustainable way. As it was initially enthralled by the vast potentials of industrialization, the city requested for and were granted by His Excellency, Pres. Fidel V. Ramos, a 1,072-hectare of land carved out from the Iwahig Penal Colony to be used as the City Industrial and Commercial Zone.

Recent realities, however, compel the city to reconsider the chosen path to economic development. Most of the investors who came over did so because they were drawn by the well-known cleanliness and natural beauty of the place, not by its industrial endowments. Then its inclusion in the Brunei-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East Asia Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA) unraveled its agricultural and tourism potentials more than its industrial promise. Because Puerto Princesa cannot realistically compete with the Metro-Manila area and the Calabarzon in terms of attracting industrial investments given the already present infrastructure and industrial base in those regions. And cannot lock horns with Davao, Cagayan de Oro City and the Socsargen areas for a share of the so-called industrial pie.

On the other hand, can any of the above places vie with Puerto Princesa City and Palawan in terms of ecological purity; natural beauty such as the magnificence of the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park – the world’s longest navigable underground river; an abundance of exotic flora and fauna, many of which are endemic in Palawan alone? Eco-tourism is the buzzword of today’s world travelers. And eco-tourism is definitely Puerto Princesa City’s distinct advantage over the rest.

Nature has thus chosen for Puerto Princesa the road to economic development. And coupled with such an auspicious reputation as the “Last Frontier” in this part of the globe that has already attracted the world’s travel planners to include it in the itinerary of trans-ocean luxury vessels, eco-tourism is undoubtedly the key to the city’s sustainable development.

It is in this context that the city government have decided to request the conversion of the 1,072-hectare Industrial and Commercial Zone at Brgy. Sta. Lucia into an Environmental Estate. The Estate will be an eco-tourism park and environmental center of the Philippines. It will serve both as a catalyst for economic growth and a vehicle for preserving the environment. It will also become an institution in conservation and the world’s fountain of biological knowledge.

The Estate will have four (4) major components:

The Academic Center – Designed to attract naturalist from around the country and even the world. It can become a facility for exhibits, lectures, demonstrations and exchanges between the people of Puerto Princesa and its environs in learning and understanding our ecological heritage. Consultant guest, naturalists, botanists, scientist of the natural science, landscape artist, marine biologist and nature lovers can engage in the actual field study process. The center and its populace shall become a repository and recipient of data, information and specimens which shall offer an opportunity to observe and investigate the rich living diversity of our aquatic and terrestrial ecology and man’s evolving relationship with it.

The Academic Center will be composed of:

General Areas:

  • Landmark
  • South Security Node
  • South Parking Area
  • Marina
  • Hotel Area

Interest Areas:

  • Preserved Church
  • Interdenominational Church
  • Research Museum
  • Concert Hall
  • Tropical Aquaria Garden
  • Museum (Main)
  • Hot Springs


  • Beach Forest Reforestation
  • Interpretive Center
  • Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) Center

The Wildlife Component – Ecology is the study of the relationships of organism to their environment. Man has a relationship with all the other organisms in a given environment and needs an appreciation of this relationship. In spite of the wide adaptability of most living things, they normally inhabit specific neighborhood or habitats. The Wildlife Component is a habitat exploration venture set free.

It will have the following features:

General Areas:

  • Central Train Terminal
  • Man-made Landscape
  • Forest Model

Interest Areas:

  • Wildlife Viewing Station
  • Special Interest Shops
  • Ornamental Propagation Farm Center
  • Herbal Plantation
  • Bird Sanctuary


  • Nursery & Diverse Species
  • Reforestation Techniques

Eco-tourism Village – To promote the habitats of Palawan, the Eco-tourism Village will feature:

General Areas:

  • Jogging/Biking Trail
  • Nature Viewing Spot
  • North Train Station
  • North Security Node
  • Viewing Tower
  • Hostel Type Units (Log Cabins)

Interest Areas:

  • Aboriginal Home and Artifacts/Crafts Center
  • Aboriginal Habitats
  • Orchid Farms
  • Curio Shops
  • Delicatessen
  • Book Shop
  • Photo Lab
  • Restaurant


  • Dipterocarp Reforestation Techniques
  • Folk Arts Center
  • Freshwater Fish Life Study Station

Recreation Component – Eco-tourism is not eco-tourism without adventure travel. Travelers seek to fulfill specific desires and his has evolved to going somewhere they have never been and doing things they have never done before. And nature has taken a reversal of fortune: before it was just a backdrop; now it is part of the infrastructures of the industry. The temperate environment has a lot of new surprises for the adventurous. And adventure is the best avenue to learn more about the environment. This is the marketing niche served by this component.

Adventure will be harnessed through:

General Areas:

  • Camping Area
  • Toilet Facilities
  • Cooking Facilities
  • Backpack Tents
  • Viewing Tower

Interest Areas:

  • Jogging/Biking Trail
  • Sea Canoe Station
  • The Outdoors Specialty Shop


  • Amphitheaters
  • Water Adventures